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Develop a lasting relationship with God and your peers

Being a teenager is difficult in today's world. With so many temptations around every corner, it's important to keep God in the center of your youth's life. Get your teen involved with our Youth Ministry so they can continue to grow in God and build friendships with people between the ages of 12 and 18.

By the time your child turns 12, they may find church to be boring or uncool. We invite your teen to give church another chance by coming to our Youth Sunday School class. They'll learn Biblical principles that will enrich their lives and help them develop a personal relationship with God. Their teacher, Tina, will help them feel excited about church again.

Believe us - Youth Sunday School is cool

Your teen is invited to hang out with us each month to enjoy fellowship with their peers in a safe and fun environment. There's never a dull moment and your teen will always feel loved and cared for. This month they'll learn about why Genesis and Creation are truthful and right.

Hang out with your friends once a month

“They lifted up their voice to God with one accord.” (Acts 4:24)

Build friendships that will last for eternity! Call Pastor Meeks for more information about our monthly events!


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